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Q: How long will it take the diesel test bench arrive me?


A:  It takes about 2 working days to prepare test bench, and 5 working days deliver to logistic company warehouse. Package wait for the ship 2-10 days, and then take about 22 days during the shipping. Usually, you will need take about 5 days to clean customs. 

In total, it will take abut 27-45 days to get machine after payment, of course, it will depends on your payment date and place distance. Asian country usually take half of this time.

Q: If I pay 50% deposit can you deliver package to my cooperated logistic company?


A:  No, we will arrange the deliver after get full payment, it will take about 2 working days.


Q: I want to buy your equipment, I wanna fly to your company and talk more details?


A: You are welcome to visit our factory, but please confirm with our sales. So they will make good arrange prepare for your visit. They will talk with you on cooperate issue.


Q:  I want to supply installments payment for my client in order to sell more , any good suggestions?


A:  Our machine supports use limit function, it will help you to control your customer use time and make sure they return money quickly. If the customer can not pay in specified time, we can lock this machine. 

They can not use it without our unlock, this function will help you control timely installments.

Q:  How long customers can earn back their investment ?


A:  According to our research, usually, customer will get back money after test 3-6 months. It will depends on your business.

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Which kind of power supply, 380V is ok?

Q:  Which kind of power supply, 380V is ok?


A: Our equipment can be customized according to your needs, usually your can choose from AC220V-AC380V, this depends the power supplied in your market.


Q: What is the difference for these 618 A,B,C,D test bench?


A:  We supply 4 configuration 618 test bench to meet different customer needs. And these 4 models can be added easily to meet your changed requirement. So, if you want to enter the new business with minimum investment,  it will be perfect choice. After you extend your business, and want to add more function, you can easily update to a more function version. All we do is to meet customer requirement.




Q: I have been done the diesel injection repair sell the test bench for years. What should I do if the test bench was broken, how will you help me to solve it ?

A: We will arrange the local engineer to your place to check it and repair it within shortest time, we can also handle it via remote control if for data update, activation or calibration.  


ZQYMEUIID Fuel injection pump test bench has comprehensive functions. Besides, it is cost-effictive and has good reliability. It is good feedback from customer on both hardware quality and software database. It has already widely gained much praise and recommendation from customers all over the world and become the most popular models in our company.