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Testing diesel common rail injectors & pumps are becoming tough with new generation of common rail systems. More precise pressure controls, precise metering along with very precise speed control is now required for testing new generation CR pumps.


is designed to be able to test all types of EURO III, EURO IV CR injectors and pumps automatically. Including Bosch, Del phi, Denso, Siemens type inline CR injectors and pumps system data plans, and it features in complete test data. Software and database is upgraded periodically, and new models, types or new makes common rail injectors are included as they appear in the market. 

618 A common rail injection pump tester with basic features which enough start repairing injector pumps with minimum investment. It will be fully meet repair requirement. It use industrial level quality configuration , and the important parts imported from BOSCH Germany and other famous brand worldwide. Its database including thousands of oil pump and injector data. All these data is completely match with original standard data. We give 3 years warranty, and software enjoy free update lifetime. With the data self learn and data add automatically function, you can DIY any kind of data adjust and finish all kinds of systems test accordingly. This Test Plan Calibrator module to enable users even no experience to create test plans for new injectors & pumps.

Benefits for ZQYM 618A the common rail injector pump tester

1. Five injector stander data came from Injector tightness test, Injector full load test, fuel injector oil-return testing, injector idle test, pre-spray injector test can be tested within five minutes.

2. Pump test can be finished within 4 minutes, pump testing items contain pump full load test, pump start-up test, pump load test, oil pump solenoid valves and metering valve test, pump standard data. EUI / EUP testing project contains EUI / EUP full load test, EUI / EUP in the load test, EUI / EUP idle test, EUI / EUP start the test, EUP / EUI standard data

3. Piezoelectric crystal injector test five data of injector within five minutes, injector tightness test, fuel injector full load test, fuel injector oil-return test, injector idle test

4. DIY data increases, testing reports, storage of test reports, customization of test report, poor reports, system error codes, tips of maintenance.






Features of diesel fuel pump test bench machine 618A:

1. It is designed to be able to test all types of CR Pumps, including Denso HP0 and Bosch HP3pump, EUP,EUI and piezo-electric crysta injector test.

2.7 degree Euro III standard oil filter: accuracy reaches 2 μm

3. User friendly DIY, reset and adjust data plans data make it application for all kinds of oil pump and injector.

4. 3 steps protection of wrong use making test life easy to understand and help to save a lot.

5. Complete Automatic Testing, results are show with easy to understand test report.

6. Precise test data report and good quality base on main parts imported from original Bosch, VSE, and Italy brand parts.

7. Latest version control software and drivers, free update lifetime

8. High stability, product will be go with 1000 hours pressure test before ship. We already have more than 5000 users in Chinese market.

9.ZQYM has training shop and 24 hours after sales service support. We supply Repair manuals for repairing various common rail injectors and pumps.

Technical Specifications of fuel pump test bench 618A

1. Important components of fuel pump testing machine 618A
High-pressure pump Original BOSCH CP3H pump
Common rail tube Original BOSCH
Common rail pressure Sensor Original Bosch Sensor
Fuel metering valve Original Bosch Valve
Common Rail Pressure System Max 2200bar
Flow sensor Original Germany VSE
InjectorFlow sensor ≥700 ml/min
Pump Flow sensor ≥3000 ml/min
Injector Flow sensor accuracy 0.5 ‰
Pump Flow sensor accuracy 1‰
Flow sensor 2 pcs
Passage switching solenoid valve 2 pcs made in Italy
DRV valve original BOSCH 0281002507
Rail Fuel pressure set-up time 3 sec
Quick start Yes
2. Software system of CRDI injector testing machine 618A  
Injector Quick test 5 min  
Injector Test Projects 5  
Injector Sealing test Yes  
Injector Max test Yes  
Injector Back flow Yes  
Injector idle test Yes  
Pre-injection test Yes  
Injector Data Yes  
Pump Quick test 4 min  
Pump Test Projects 4  
Pump Max test Yes  
Pump Start test Yes  
Pump medium test Yes  
Solenoid valves and pumps metering valve test All SCV, PCV IMV ZME valves  
Pump Data Yes  
EUI/EUP Test Projects 4  
EUI/EUP Max test Optional  
EUI/EUP medium test Optional  
EUI/EUP idle test Optional  
EUI/EUP Start test Optional  
EUP/EUI Data Optional  
Piezoelectric crystal injectors Optional  
EUP/EUI Optional  
HP0 Support  
Auxiliary Repair Tools Optional  
DIY Data Support  
Test report support  
Test report save yes  
Test report Customization yes  
Adverse Report support  
trouble code Support  
Maintenance Remind Support  
Screen Show 19 inch LED display shows the inspection process, operation, test reports, bug reports  
3. Host control section of diesel injection pump test bench 618A  
Chipset Intel ARM X9  
USB port 4  
VGA port 1  
Operating system Winds CE  
Design standards Industrial control standards  
1000 hours pressure test Yes  
4. System filtration and protection of common rail pump test bed 618A  
Clogging reminder system Yes  
Filters 7  
Primary standard Filter 2, Euro III standard  
secondary standard Filter 5 ,Euro III standard  
Cooling method 2 synchronous cooling  
Fuel Cooling method Electric cooling fan blades  
Radiator numbers 2 sets  
Fuel tank Combined automatical classified tank  
Main tank capacity 45L  
Auxiliary fuel tank 10L  
5. Ancillary apparatus of diesel fuel test benchs 618A  
Host voltage 220V/380V  
Motor power: 11kw  
Low pressure oil motor power 1.5kw  
inverter 11kw  
Stabilizer 500AV  
Work Lights Yes  
mist eliminator Yes  
Access Switch for test chamber Yes  
Display 19 inch LED screen  
6. Aids tool of Common Rail Injector And Pump Test Bench 618A  
Injector Test Fixture Yes  
Oil collector Yes  
7. Update and warranty of CRI injector Test Bench 618A  
Update method of Diesel test bench 618A U disk update  
Warranty 3 years  
Data add DIY manually add and U disk update  
Upgrade deadline Lifetime Free  
8. Packing of CRIN injector Test Bench 618A  
Dimensions 1900*830*1600mm  
GW 850KG  
NW 800KG  
Packing Environmentally friendly packaging, export fumigation wooden plywood  


Description for the injector valve assemble test tools
Valve Assembly Measuring Tools is essential for maintenance of the injector.



Parameter of Valve Assembly Measuring Tools
Weight: 3.5kg
Common Rail CRS Injector Valve Assembly Measuring Tools For All Common Rail Injectors

It can quickly make you determine the quality of internal injector valve assembly so that when you repair injector, you can quickly determine the wearing condition of the valve assembly,
So that when repair the injector, you can quickly determine the components of the injector needed to be replaced, saving times In maintenance injector. it also applies to the injector needed by research institutions.






Valve Assembly Measuring Tools detail shows











Tool kit for the leaking test of value assembly can easily test whether the injector valve assembly meets the technical standards in order to save you time in diagnosinging injector, and provide strong technical support. for the injector.



Parameter of Valve Assembly Tightness Tester
Volume: 30*30*15cm³
Weight: 3kg
Common Rail CRS Injector Valve Assembly Tightness Tester




Valve Assembly Tightness Tester detail shows:







Diesel common rail tool electron microscope Video frequency Amplifier CR tool

Video-frequency amplifier valve assembly is used to measure the fuel injector irregular and related precision parts wear and damage, he can kind of several hundred, which is used to determine the quality precision parts, such as: internal injector valve cap, gaskets, small balls, bearing ‘s wear.


Weight: 5kg






Video Amplifier detail shows:

















Diesel common rail tool electron microscope Video frequency Amplifier CR tool

EUI Disassembly tool is Suitable for Bosch, Delphi EUI disassembly, there are four types of tools supporting the holding member, to meet the requirements of different types and sizes, It can fix the EUI body without damage EUI which facilitate your maintenance. and measurement of EUI.


Parameter of EUI Disassembly tool

Weight: 8kg
Bosch EUI Tools Pump Nozzle Disassembly Tool Delphi Disassembly Tool





CRS tool EUI tool detail shows:







Description for pump assembly &disassembly tool
Oil pump Decomposition tool Kit 20pcs can quickly disassemble DENSO, BOSCH, DELPHI, Siemens common rail pump.



It is a special supporting tools for DENSO, BOSCH, DELPHI,
Siemens common rail pump disassembling to meet your requirements in maintaining pumps, without these tools, you will not complete disassembling common rail pump.
oil pump Decomposition tool Kit 20pcs
Weight: 10kg
Pump Decomposition tool Kit 20pcs For Bosch Delphi Denso Siemens Pump For All Common Rail Systems




Pictures of common rail oil pump Decomposition tool


Grinding tool kit for value assembly is the repair tools of injector assembly. It can easily fix the glitches of injector valve assembly ,it brings the injector valve assembly back to normal. Product Configuration has abrasive grinding paste of valve assembly.


You can set a manual transmission and automatic transmission to suit you use exceptions injector valve assembly grinding tools appear, the product is easy to use, you only need to connect the power switch on the host, put the repairing valve assembly into grinding bracket, in the coated abrasive paste on the valve assembly can be carried out restoration work of the valve assembly. After the restoration of the valve assembly it can view the status of the video amplifier valve assembly after grinding.


Parameter of Grinding Tool Kit For Value Assembly
Volume: 33*30*49³
Weight: 19kg

Grinding Tools Kit For Injector Valve Assembly For All Common Rail Systems:

The injector validator is applicable to All mechanical injector and common rail injector, The auxiliary product, reducing valve can work with 118 Common rail injector solenoid valve tester to test various types of common rail injector.



There are three different types of tubing, which can be switched to test different injector, so it is the best choice in early examination of injector.

Parameter of Injector validator/tester
Weight: 30kg
Diesel Engine Injector validator For All Common Rail Systems



More pictures for common rail injector tester:

Convertible Injector Dismounting Stand is a product which is applicable for all injector, operations such as cleaning, demounting, assembling, test. When you carry out any operation on the injector, it plays good role in fastening because of its 3 fastening point.(max size: 26mm)  (cannot support CAT EUI,HEUI)


Convertible Injector Dismounting Stand

Demonstration for different types of injectors:

This product can be applied to all electronic injectors, including Bosch、Denso and Delphi series;

regular injectors such as Euro 1 and Euro 2.

Tool steel chucker(high hardness)

10mm-26mm bayonet fit for all types of injectors



Convertible Injector Dismunting Stand

Small clamping vise for injector can fasten injector with no damage on injector, you can carry out operations including cleaning, demounting, assembling, test.











It is convenient for you to maintain injectors no matter what operation you are carrying, which will save a lot time for you.