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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 07:47


Q : Hello, I am interested in 418C BENCH, What is the price of the crs test bench? The delivery also includes accessories? shipping cost? Can the common rail tester be updated in the future? Thank you for the info.

A: Hi friend, Here is the main function of 418C test stand :

1. Test all types of EURO III, EURO IV CR injectors quickly and automatically. Including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens type inline CR injectors system data plans.

2. With CP3 pump and Injector Test Fixture.

3. Support piezoelectric injector.

4. With Original Germany VSE flow sensor.

The machine include accessories.

Detailed information about this machine will send to you within 2 hours, as well as shipping cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions. Software problem can be solve via internet easily. Its software update usually, to make sure add more injector models for test.


Q: hello, thank you very much for your prompt response, 418c tested injectors EUI / EUP?

How do I fix repair under warranty when the tester disorder? I really like the tester

A: Hi friend, 418C common rail injector test bench do not test EUI, EUP ( PUMP test)

Our test bench 618 B can do EUI and EUP. Test bench will be test before send.

Important hardware use original Germany Bosch spare parts, you can trust stable quality. If there is problem with warranty for hardware, we will send you new spare parts for the common rail injection tester, we pay for the shipping and parts cost.

Software problem can be solve via internet easily. Its software update usually, to make sure add more injector models for test.


Q: how many injectors can be tested at one time ? Only just one? you have a list of all test plans injectors? What is the delivery time of payment? Please send log output injectors after the test (PDF).

A: Right now, our common rail test bench can work for 1 injector at same time. And test 1 by 1 will make the test result more accurate. Actually, you will be able to download the injector list this test bench support from our website, and choose download. Common rail test bench can be shipped within 10 working days after payment, and please check the pdf injector test plans in your email.



Q: I bought the 118 from you, i connect it to Piezo injector ,but not working.  display on but not support with injectors.

A: The ZQYM 118 is for injector and high-pressure pump including BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO, Caterpillar etc, but it dose not support Piezo injectors.


Q: Our power supply is 415V/ 3 phase/ 50Hz in Australia, can it be used in our factory?

A: The test bench voltage is 220V/380V(3 phase,50Hz), 380V is compatible for Max.450V . So it is can be used for your 415V.


Q:I am opening my own workshop, So I will also need technical support, and if possible visit China for training.

A:That’s will be great if you will come to China for training, we will arrange good engineer to train you in shortest time.


Q:We only fix basic CAV VE INLINE PUMPS, we are going to expand our business to CRS injector and pump, CAT c7, c9 are more and more popular in our market. So can u advice me with the best solution of test bench, I want to be able to test EUI EUP HEUI HEUP CR.

A: I would like to recommend you the ZQYM 718C according to your test demands, It is designed to be able to test all types of EURO III, EURO IV CR injectors and pumps automatically. Including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens ,CAT, and EUI / EUP function, piezo-electric crysta injector test, HEUI function and with full set Aids tool, it features in complete test data.


Q: So I can start fixing pumps and injectors from first day and not worry that I missed a tool if I bought 718C.

A: This test bench will come with full set tools, we also will choose some necessary common rail tools for you.


Q: Is this the equivalent equipment to eps708 Bosch?

A: yes, but it supports more models than EPS 708, its Bosch models data is same to EPS708, we bought an original EPS 708 to develop our product.


Q: What is the voltage of this common rail test bench, do u have other options of equipment which is single phase.

A: we have two options: 220V three phase/two phase; 380V three phase, two phase means two line, N line and L line.


Q: Can we directly connect a printer to the common rail test machine.

A: yes, you can connect a special mini printer to the machine, just need to add additional 200USD.


Q: can this CR test machine ZQYM 718B do VP37?

A: Yes, this machine can do VP37 via adding a control box, need to add extra 250 USD.


Q: What test dose it do on Vp44? dose it have test plans for vp44?

A: This test bench ZQYM718B can test the mechanical part of VP44 pump, and support VP44 pump of Isuzu, we are keep improving and developing it now.