Grinding tool kit for value assembly is the repair tools of injector assembly. It can easily fix the glitches of injector valve assembly ,it brings the injector valve assembly back to normal. Product Configuration has abrasive grinding paste of valve assembly.


You can set a manual transmission and automatic transmission to suit you use exceptions injector valve assembly grinding tools appear, the product is easy to use, you only need to connect the power switch on the host, put the repairing valve assembly into grinding bracket, in the coated abrasive paste on the valve assembly can be carried out restoration work of the valve assembly. After the restoration of the valve assembly it can view the status of the video amplifier valve assembly after grinding.


Parameter of Grinding Tool Kit For Value Assembly
Volume: 33*30*49³
Weight: 19kg

Grinding Tools Kit For Injector Valve Assembly For All Common Rail Systems:

BOSCH common rail injector oil collector is suitable for all BOSCH common rail injector, including BOSCH built-in injector, external injectors, and a variety of BOSCH different power injector.


The oil collector contains five sets of oil adapter,which can quickly collect the fuel Injector of various types injector, let injector testing data more accurate. It is the perfect choice to repair BOSCH common rail injector.

Parameter of oil collector
Weight: 1kg




Detail Bosch Fuel Collector BOSCH CRS Injector Oil Collector pictures show:






Common Rail Injector special decomposition tool is an indispensable tool for Injector maintenance testing, It can dismantle all common rail injector on the market, saving common rail injector disassembly time,the decomposition tool uses aluminum carton assembly,it configuration nine special sleeve, 10 auxiliary entry tools and auxiliary disassembly kit.



Common Rail CRS Injector dismantling tool diesel injector test tool CR tool 20pcs kit

Parameter of Injector Decomposition Tool
Volume: 46*40*10cm³
Weight: 18kg



Details for Common Rail CRS Injector Diesel Decomposition Kit 20pcs