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Caterpillar HEUI Fuel Injector Disassembly Assembly Tool CRT088 is developed by Shenzhen Shumatt Company,already applied and got patent of invention,utility model and design. It’s specially for the disassemby and assembly work of Caterpillar injectors which are suitable for CAT C7, C9, C13, C15, C3126 model engine. 








CRT088 firstly develop four ball-type dowel pins design which are perfectly suitable to four oil intake holes on injector, avoiding potential damages to injector and improving 60% efficiency.

CRT088 can be used with 32mm hex wrench,32mm box wrench ,32mm-35mm adjustable wrench and 1/2 torque wrench.

CRT088 is designed as much smaller size than other type on market, easy to carry, easy to use ,save working time.


Model name

Caterpillar HEUI Fuel Injector Disassembly Assembly Tool



Model number


Hex wrench size


Torque wrench size

12.5mm(1/2 wrench)

Adjustable socket height


Applicable injector diameter(oil intake hole place)


Gross weight


Package size



Caterpillar engine fuel system

Applicable engine model

Caterpillar C7,C9,C13,C15,C3126







Simple Common Rail Injector Tool is indispensable tool in injector maintenance and detection, can quickly match for many common rail injector disassemble on the market, thus saving repair time of common rail injector.



Monday, 14 November 2016 06:28

CRT076 Common Rail Injector slip Rama

Common Rail Injector slip Rama applicable to various types of injectors disassembly with 8 kinds of connectors, use more convenient.



BOSCH third measure tool 9 sets suit for Bosch third maintenance tool ,new design , simple structure ,easy use ,measure precision, improve maintenance efficiency ,ensure maintenance quality ,extend lifespan.



Injector can be fixed without damage by using the small injector vise grip with tape cartridge, allowing you to operate on injectors. Including cleaning, decomposition, with stand, handy to repair, improve efficiency.


Monday, 14 November 2016 03:53

CRT072 BOSCH Fuel Metering Valve Rama


Apply for Bosch measure unit's decompose, high quality, not easily broken can open metering valve success by not damage other assembly.

Including 6 models of injector adjusting shims, suit for different bosch injector models including CRI, CRIN2 and nozzle lift shims.

It support injector shims test and solined space test, with the precise test result you can adjust the distance of injector shims. Suit for CRIN1,CRIN2 and CRI model test.


Q: What is the difference for these 618 A,B,C,D test bench?


A:  We supply 4 configuration 618 test bench to meet different customer needs. And these 4 models can be added easily to meet your changed requirement. So, if you want to enter the new business with minimum investment,  it will be perfect choice. After you extend your business, and want to add more function, you can easily update to a more function version. All we do is to meet customer requirement.


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Features for the 38pcs common rail injector assembling and disassembling tool

1.high speed steel
2.good plating
3.convenient and durable
4.OEM price

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