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This tool is available for DENSO injector cartridge removal and loading, easy to use, simple structure. It allows you to quickly repair the injector filter.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 04:16

CRT086 Carter injector decomposition tool


Carter injector decomposition tool dedicated to dismantling Carter injector lobe design allows Carter injector disassembly is more convenient,  It is your best choice to disassembleCarter injector.




Tuesday, 15 November 2016 04:06

CRT084 Torque wrenches for torque setting


It can set torque, and  torque is adjustable, easy to operate, saving time and effort, ergonomically optimized handle design, comfortable grip, greatly reducing fatigue generated during high-intensity operations.





Tuesday, 15 November 2016 04:00

CRT082 Electronic digital thickness gauge


It has simple structure, stable performance, easy to carry, intuitive readings, precision and reliable, is the replacement of  traditional Thickness Gauge . Suitable for all kinds of precision measuring paper, leather, cloth, metal plates, plastic plates and other products.





(1) Vise Electronically Controlled fuel Injector removable rack can be fixed injector without damage to the injector, allowing you to do various operations on the injector.

(2) Its features include cleaning, disassembly, assembly, testing and other work, it allows you to repair more quickly and easily in any operation of the injector



Common rail Injector dismounting tool set
Weight: 5.5KG
Packing size: 38*33*15