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Automobile ECU INJECTOR TESTER ZQYM 118, It can test hundreds of kinds of injector and high-pressure pump including BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO, Caterpillar etc. with complete experimental data.


This test bench,integrated with original imported high-precision flow sensor,has functions: automatic measurement of oil quantity and automatic generation of fuel pump nozzle maintenance report etc..





Configuration of Solenoid valve common rail injector tester





Host computer

LED Display


Power supply

220V DC supply


The main test line

For injector line connection


Universal injector clip

2 sets for testing cylinder injector


Dedicated injector cable

6 sets for BOSCH / DENSO / DELPHI


Product Manual












Functions and features:

1.Output driving signal of automobile ECU injector independently, and be able to perform preliminary measurement to injectors of Bosch, Denso, Delphi and other diesels.
2.118 tester cannot carry out all the detections of injectors, but it can help to ensure the injectors with a large amount of oil return or mechanical faults, preliminarily judging the injector in a short period of time to save a lot of times.
3.The design that the power and the machine is separated greatly improved the reliability, and the probability of failure is very low.
Affiliated features
Product has passed electromagnetic compatibility test like high-low temperature, static shock, probability of failure very low. With protection function of short-circuit.
Provide drive signal transfer line of all kinds of injectors.

More pictures for common rail injector repair simulator: