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Monday, 04 July 2016 02:03

CRT045 ZQYMEUIIC Mechanical Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

ZQYMEUIIC Fuel injection pump test bench has comprehensive functions. Besides, it is cost-effictive and has good reliability. It is good feedback from customer on both hardware quality and software database. It has already widely gained much praise and recommendation from customers all over the world and become the most popular models in our company.








Features for ZQYMEUIIC Traditional Injection Pump Test Bench

1. ZQYMEUIIC Fuel injection pump test bench is not only a product, but also a kind of quality.

2. Strong power, High accuracy, Simple operation

3. Powerful diesel injection pump calibration station

4. ZQYMEUIIC Fuel injection pump test bench is a Powerful diesel injection pump calibration station. Core components are manufactured by the most advanced technology. The main motor can control speed with stepless frequency conversion. The power is very energy efficient. Motor oil group take low noise leading technology developed by ourselves. The machine is controlled by industrial standard computer. It has complete functions and good stability.

5. ZQYMEUIIC Fuel injection pump test bench is applied to the maintenance and production of all kinds of multi-cylinder in-line pumps and dispensing pumps of mechanical speed governors domestic and abroad. Such as Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、A、B、P、VE、IW、PL、BQ、Z、P7、PW、PN、PB、P2000、PS7100、EP9、PS8500、P8000、MW and so on.

6. ZQYMEUIIC Fuel injection pump test bench has LCD screen and LED digital these two control display systems. It can applied to the adjustment and calibration of kinds of functions of fuel pumps. 

Advantage for Fuel injection pump test stand ZQYMEUIIC

1. With brand new high quality motor, make sure test process good , with  5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW available.

2.Use Original high quality frequency converters, other supplier use Chinese brand.

3.Good quality steel plate, thick and solid steel plate make sure the test bench keep stable during the testing. Much more safe and accurate test result!

4.Stepless frequency conversion to control speed, multi-range rotate speed presets.

5. Low noise motor oil group. 

6.Standard industrial workstation with digital and screen displayed. 

7.Pressurized gas supply system, dual display by left and right turn. 

8.180-degree rotating measuring oil tank suit for more pumps.







Basic functions for injection pump test bench

1.Screen Interface with three styles and two languages models for the operators to choose 

2.Main motor control speed by frequency conversion, manual and automatic these two operating modes 

3.Automatic mode can multi-range rotate speed presets

4.Minimum scale is 0.5 degrees oil interval angle detection

5.Preset the times of automatic counting system

6.Low-noise high and low pressure fuel system

7.For simulation-driven supercharger boost test gas source

8.Can control the temperature of testing oil automatically and can reduce the influence of the accuracy of oil gauging caused by temperature

9.For solenoid valve drive and detection of 12V / 24V DC power

10.Test the pressure of lumen of VE pump

11.Oil supply Angle automatically in advance of performance measurement



The Main Technical Data of fuel pump test equipment ZQYMEUIIC




12pcs Low inertia injector


High quality Inverter



Input power

380V  /  50HZ Three phase four wire

Range of output rotate speed


Height of spindle center 

125 mm 

Pump cylinders can test

12 vat

Work table height 


Display term


Tank capacity

50 L 

Speed preset number 


Number of times of the amount of oil 

0~1000 St 

Small cylinder volume 

45 ml 

Oil supply low pressure

0~0.35 MPa

Oil supply high pressure

0~3.5 MPa

Oil flow

≧10 L/Min

Controlled fuel temperature

40±2 ℃

Tank heating form


Fuel Cooler

Cooling and fan (13m3/Min)

DC Power

(Allow short circuit)12/24V

Range of positive gas pressure


Test bench size(LXWXH)

2100 mm X750 mm X1800mm

Package Size(L X W X H)

2170 mm X1060 mm X1850mm

Gross weight

860~ 1100kg